Weekend Wrap Up

Most of you may not know a whole lot about me. But 2 things are obvious. #1: My shoe obsession could rival Flava Flav’s clock obsession. #2: I love live music.

That being said,when my friend Traci told me she had an extra ticket to see Jay Clifford at Workplay Friday night, I didn’t ask “Who’s Jay Clifford?”. Instead, I did something that most of us should try to do more often… opened myself up to a new experience and simply said “Hell Yes.” (It helped that she described his voice as something that makes you want to scream, “I wanna have yo’ baby!!!”)


Turns out, I knew exactly who Jay Clifford was, just never put a face or former band with the name. Workplay was sparsely crowded and we got floor seats, a bottle of wine and the best view in the house.

Jay does have an amazing voice, one that I would listen to quite often while studying in college. Just a few notes into the first song and lots of old memories sat down and enjoyed the rest of the show with me. Add to that voice a string trio & acoustic guitar and you’ve got THE mellow night of my year.

I love starting a weekend off with a great experience!


Highlights of the rest of the weekend include:


1. Showing historic homes in Highland Park on Saturday morning. Cooler weather, original hardwoods, and 15 ft ceilings. Something about well maintained 100 year old homes that leaves me in awe.


2. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses with what is sure to be the most fun wedding ensemble, ever! I hope I can stop laughing long enough during the ceremony to get at least 1 good picture.


3. Coming one step closer to finishing the refinishing (sounds funny to me too) of a nightstand and dresser drawers we rescued from a dumpster. He sands; I sing, paint and bring beverages.


4. A few miles on Sunday


5. Looking at old photo albums with my Grandmother and Mother on Sunday afternoon. The combination of cinnamon rolls, laughter and good memories tied a pretty pink bow on my weekend.


Here’s to a great week… and even if it’s one of those weeks where every day looks like an obstacle course, here’s to positive thinking and focusing on those tiny moments that make you smile. (coffee cup *clink*!)




  1. Kristy

    You are an AMAZING writer…..so I think you should write a book, I have NO clue what it would be about BUT I enjoy reading what you write as much as you enjoyed listening to Jay Clifford’s voice:) Have a great week!!!!

    • tamihallman

      Thank you so much! I’ve been thinking about starting a book. Having the same issues with what to write about though, LOL!

  2. Kelly

    I completely agree… I was reading a few weeks ago thinking I should add to my bucket list- 1. Read a book by Tami Hallman.

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