The Whole World Calls Him Hank

Last weekend, while vacationing with Tropical Storm Lee, we also got to spend some time with some clients/new friends who have two 6 year old dachshunds. Watching those 2 keep each other company was convincing enough to get us started thinking about getting a roommate for Sadie.


First a little about Sadie (so that she doesn’t feel left out). She’s 6 years old and we’ve had her since she was 2 months. I got her while her soon to be favorite person in the whole wide world was out of town. She’s from Jasper, AL (and I’ve threatened to take her back there on a regular basis). She’s 3 parts Personality and 1 part Chihuahua:

Sadie loves us dearly. Sometimes a little too much. She’s like that guy you dated who was just blown away by you and couldn’t bring himself to stop calling you, no matter how unenthused you appeared to be. Thank God he was cute… and drove a nice car…. MAN, his hands were tiny… did he shave his chest? But I digress.


I tried to discuss the idea of getting a roommate with her, but she only responded by either rolling over to reveal her belly or climbing into my lap and attempting to lick my face. Translation: “I’m fine with a roommate, just make sure they aren’t as cute as I am.”


So, off to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society we went! After a few laps around about 100 dogs (I’m not kidding), including LOTS of puppies, we settled on the weirdest looking animal in the place. His sign says he’s a Terrier Mix, but I’m 90% certain he’s part Fraggle.


Meet Hank:


He’s 3 years old and very gentile. He was found as a stray outside of Birmingham and transferred to the GBHS at the end August. The first thing he did upon meeting us, was walk up to me and lay his little Fraggle head in my lap. Sold.

We’re bringing him home this afternoon. Sadie got to meet him yesterday and didn’t kill him, so looks like he’s staying with us until she does.


A word about the GBHS. I was shocked at the number of dogs there. Even more shocked at the number of puppies. There were some gorgeous animals who are clearly purebred, and some really adorable mixes as well. The adoption fee covers everything, including shots, a health check, microchips (so that they never experience being lost again) and a bag of food to take home. Not only that, but there’s a store in the building  that sells clothing, collars, beds, you name it, for 40% less than pet stores.

If I had the time and space, I would have adopted one more. If you are considering a new pet, start at the GBHS. And if you see a 4 lb long-haired Chihuahua named Chile, tell her hello for me!


Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!