Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

If you live in the South, you know that storm season runs June through November and that you’ll have your fair share of power outages during that time. For that reason, I am not complaining that I am currently sitting in the dark with wet hair, eating a banana and beginning to wonder about the week’s worth of grocieries I bought yesterday. Thank God for gas water heaters. Now, if I could just get my hands on a battery powered hair dryer and a sugar-free Red Bull, life would be grand!


Being forced to have a slower morning is probably a good thing. Easing back into real life after vacation is a skill that takes a while to master and I’m not sure I’ve reached that point of mastery yet. Although, I did make my mile long To Do list last night BEFORE the power went out- Surely I earned a badge with that move.


My mini vacation was good. Thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, it rained the entire time, but I got to spend 2.75 days with no alarm clocks, no urgent phone calls and no diets. And I managed to pickup a piece of my Halloween costume, which is still in the works…

There was one fleeting moment during the weekend when I found myself thinking, “If only I didn’t have to go back.” That, to me, is a clear sign of a good vacation.


This trip was only my second weekend away this year. Both vacations have been no more than 2 nights, but enough to keep me sane.


I think I can make it to October now… where a 10 day trip to the California coast awaits me.


What is your favorite destination for a 1 to 2 night mini-getaway?


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