Weekend Wrap Up

My house currently smells like fried chicken and brownies. THAT is the perfect way to end a weekend. I feel fully prepared to start a new week, completely covered in flour with chocolate smudges on my shirt.


Highlights of the weekend include:

 1. One of the best bands in Birmingham at Billy’s on Friday night. What started at a table for one with a broken wine glass and slight embarrassment, ended with friends, dancing and laughter. Thanks Traci for surprising me!

 2. Good clean fun on Saturday. Cosmic bowling never gets old:


Love these people.


3. My first visit to Gip’s Place. This one’s a hidden secret. I discovered that most of my friends have never heard of it. Located on Avenue C in Bessemer (which is an experience in itself) and open since 1952, Gip’s Place is one of the last juke joints in the U.S.:


Kind of like a festive bomb shelter filled with the blues...


Cash only and B.Y.O.B. Yes, I’m serious:

Slightly fuzzy, but nonetheless...


 4. Reliving the previous night’s fun and having brunch at Café de Paris, to wrap up Birmingham Restaurant Week:

5. And a 7 mile run. Time was 73 min for those of you who are making bets keeping tabs.


Less than a week until a mini vacation at the beach. Here’s to a short work week!



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  1. Gip’s sounds like a blast and speaking of “Blues” make “Mr.Hallman” buy you the Hugh Laurie album we are currently carrying, I want to have his baby (Hugh Laurie, not Mario).

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