Bucket List Item #12: Crash a Wedding

I’ve gotten a little bit of flack for this bucket list item. Who knew crashing a wedding was so controversial?!! My response to those who disagree with me on this: It’s not your bucket list, It’s mine! You don’t see me complaining about the fact that you have “Play Bunko weekly for a whole year” as the 2nd item on your list, now do ya? Do ya?! Thought not. Go pee in someone else’s sandbox.


Moving on…

Crashing a wedding was an item that I knew I couldn’t really plan. It’s not like skydiving, where you make an appointment and count down the minutes, seconds and alarmingly fast heartbeats. It’s a moment that just presents itself. After overhearing someone mention  an upcoming wedding reception happening at a nearby and fairly large venue, the skies parted and I knew I had my chance. Out of the 8 people I asked to join me, only 1 was up for the task (Traci, I love you) and 2 others were dragged along with us.


PLEASE NOTE: THIS ENTIRE EVENT WAS CONDUCTED WITHOUT ALCOHOL. My advice is to do the same. You’ll want to remember every second.


The important thing to remember when crashing a wedding is to dress the part.  I found an old bridesmaid dress that fit the bill (genius!).  Second most important thing to remember is to act the part. When you enter the reception, for instance…


Sign the guest book:


Eat wedding cake:


Participate on the dance floor:


Hard to make out, but THAT is a conga line.

Get a picture with the bride:



And lastly… if you dare, catch the bouquet:


... Oh yes, I did.


I cannot even begin to describe the thrill of this night. I’m pretty sure, after leaving, I rolled the window down and screamed in pure giddiness for the entire ride home.

I’d rank it right up there with skydiving… and almost as risky!



    • No one there knew we didn’t belong. It wouldn’t be any fun if they did!

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