Weekend Wrap Up

I love acoustic guitar. It’s like crack – I just can’t get enough of it, especially if there’s a beautiful voice to go along with it. If you ever need a favor from me, bring a guitar with you. I also love local talent. Big acts are great and all, but local musicians are what make living in Birmingham much more worthwhile. That being said, here’s my weekend at a glance:


1. Kicked off the weekend with my new favorite local talent, Kat Delacruz. Her voice is just weathered enough to keep you wanting more. If you’re ever in Birmingham, try to catch her. She performs both covers and originals (I’m madly in love with her version of Ryan Adams‘ “Come Pick Me Up” and the completely unexpected Counting Crows medley that delivers everystinkingtime!)

2. Brunch at Bottletree:

Pan Perdu & a Camellia - Yum!


3. Quality time with my favorite niece and nephew:

I'll take her - gooey banana and all.

He used to love the camera. Now, it's all about how cool he can look.


 4. A 6 mile run. I’m still maintaining a 10 min pace on my long runs, which is slightly frustrating.

Not sure how I managed to make my weekend restful AND productive, but I did. This perfectionist (with a slight case of OCD) loves it when that happens!

Have a great week!



  1. Great post! Keep supporting local (and original) musicians….especially if they are near starving!

  2. Yes the weekend couldn’t have been any better. Who doesn’t love a gooey banana?,

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