Spotlight On: Dreamcakes Bakery


The cupcake trend has been gaining ground like a caffeinated cheetah.


Just ask Katy Perry:


I found it very sad that I’ve lived a measly 7 blocks from a well-known cupcake source for almost 2 years now and have never been. Maybe it was the whole “I used to be fat” thing or the fact that the overly critical side of myself is convinced that one cupcake will instantly add 52.5 lbs to my 5’4″ frame. Either way, today, I slapped a giant piece of duct tape on that side’s mouth and went for it.

Dreamcakes Bakery in Homewood is a divine way to get a quick Thursday dessert fix. If location is king, this cupcake shop wins by being nestled in the heart of Edgewood, a neighborhood with that historic suburbia feel that we all long for.

The owner, Jan Moon, worked in the test kitchens of Southern Living & Cooking Light before opening the shop.


Lots of flavors to choose from and you can consult their monthly cupcake schedule for the latest and greatest.


I had the wedding cake cupcake, which is their most popular flavor. It has a hint of almond in it and I came just shy of licking my plate clean:

Apparently, this is the face I make before eating any dessert.


I’ve planned my next visit already (Shut up, Inner Critic! What happened to your duct tape?!). I’ll be dreaming about these until then:

Curious George: Peanut Butter & Banana flavored with (get this) Banana Runts on top!!!! Don't ask me why my voice just went up an octave.


Special thanks to the Dreamcakes team for letting me come in, ask a TON of questions and invade the personal space of their desserts.




  1. Their cupcakes are amazeballs!! Love them. And, as someone who has lost 50 lbs. and is working at losing another 50, we still need to treat ourselves to a cupcake now and then! Life is sweet, afterall.

  2. We found out about Dreamcakes and needless to say have fallen in love with them. One little indulgence every now and again won’t hurt!

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