Weekend Wrap Up

“A pessimist and an optimist walk into a bar. The pessimist curses and rubs the bump on his head. The optimist orders a drink.”

Last week got the best of me. Lots of stress and no stress relief. Blech!

New week means a new opportunity to be that drinking optimist!


Here’s a glance at my weekend highlights:

1. Friday night with the girls at Billy’s Bar and Grill, laughing hysterically, listening to an all-too-familiar band and dancing like no one was watching. I was hell bent on closing the place down… and I did… oh, I definitely did. Special thanks to Hillary & Alisa for being my partners in crime.

2. Saturday morning yard sale conducted on 4 hours of sleep. Running on pure adrenaline netted me $94.75:

3. Showing gorgeous homes on Sunday to well-deserving clients (who are taking me to the beach in 2 weeks!)

4. Running into this fella after a long working Sunday:

Brings back memories of Mrs. Force's 6th grade English class...

5. … and a weekend off from running (Gasp!)

I feel so much better knowing I left “bad attitude Tami” behind me along with all of last week’s stress. Feeling the tiny hint of Autumn in the air this morning makes the start of a new week THAT much better!


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