I’m a freeway girl. Being a stickler for time, I’m the one who just wants to know the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B. Move it or lose it, people! Driving a MINI Cooper helps (I can dart in and out of traffic  like nobody’s business).  My father, on the other hand, is a back roads guy. He grew up on a dairy farm at the top of Pine Mountain, one of the world’s hidden treasures.  He will never take the most direct route. Nope, he’d much rather take the scenic route. The one with incredible views, two lane roads and the occasional tractor.  Interestingly enough, he makes it to the same destination and, it just so happens, he had a better time getting there.


You’re seeing the point, right? Today’s post challenges you to change things up, take a back road or two and enjoy the hell out of it. You won’t get this day (or life) to do over, so make it count and for goodness sake, make it interesting!


P.S. One of my favorites is Bailey Rd in Leeds, AL.




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