Sweater Potatoes

It’s time to have a serious discussion…

about sports bras, or the lack thereof.

Those of you who are blessed with larger assets, lend me your ears. How in the heck can you run without a sports bra?! Not only is it a distraction to those of us innocent bystanders, but it looks downright PAINFUL! That’s a lot of jiggle that can affect your performance (and others’. AND OTHERS’!)

I’m not talking to you A and B cups. You can carry on. We’re talking full C or bigger here.

I am someone who is deathly afraid of the inevitable sag:

Support is of the utmost importance to me.  So, I’m offering some help for those who are quite obviously having trouble deciding on a sports bra and thus boycotting it altogether:


My Favorite and what I currently wear when running (I'm a 32D): Under Armour

Champion: This was what I was wearing before switching to the Under Armour. It's great for those of us that aren't huge fans of racerbacks.

Donna Karan: An underwire option for you AND the website allows you to see a video of a "bounce test".


Change can be a good thing. Go out on a limb and try on one of the beauties above. Even better, GO CRAZY and buy one (or switch to yoga)!



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  1. LMFBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally just laughed OUT LOUD at work!!!!! I needed this:) I mean…..not needed this because I don’t wear one, I too think that it would hurt without them puppies strapped down….TIGHT but at the cartoon!!!! That is GREAT!!!!!

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