Freeeee Falling

Tuesday posts are supposed to be about what’s happening in Birmingham this week/month/year. And while I’d love to fill all of you in on the details of where you can go and who you can see, I’m going to go out on a limb and say “Screw it!” this week. Tuesday feels like Thursday and I’ve still got 3 days to go! After my stellar performance in this weekend’s Retro Run, I felt like a champion going into the shortest run of my week yesterday. 2.5 miles and I was ready to do it at an 8 min mile pace.

Insert uneven sidewalk on Broadway St.

The slow motion experience of falling in public can only be described as surreal. Just like everything else I do, I gave it 150%. Bloodied my right hand, left elbow, left thigh, left knee and even managed to get a few good concrete burns on my ribcage. The smell of pavement is forever burned in my memory (kind of like the smell of first grade and Play Doh). I limped the 1 mile trek home and got lots of sympathy from the general public.

1 luke warm/cold shower later in which I almost passed out, and I was handed 2 ibuprofen along with a margarita (Thanks to the best husband ever!).

There are a few lessons to be learned here:

#1 Screw the sidewalks. I’ll risk getting hit by a car if I get to run on an even surface.

#2 Margaritas don’t cure everything, but they do numb a damaged pride

#3 The person willing to witness you cry like a baby while yelling every profanity known to man… is probably someone you should keep around. Thanks Baby 😉

More Soon.


Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!