Can I Get a Shovel With My Bucket?

My Bucket List started in 2007. I had never seen the movie and actually didn’t refer to it as my “bucket list” at the time. It wasn’t until later that I called it what everyone else is calling it. Thanks Warner Brothers!

I’ve added (and taken away) items over the years. I’ve also rewritten it during several different exercises since 2007. I’m adding a tab so that you can easily get to it in the future. The below list is a combination of everything my tiny brain feels I need to accomplish in this lifetime:

  1. Skydive
  2. Spend Christmas in Australia
  3. See Ireland (and eat potatoes while there)
  4. Vacation in Vegas yearly
  5. Go to New York (see a Broadway show while there)
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. See all 50 states
  8. See Graceland
  9. Earn 6 figures annually before I turn 30
  10. Run a 5K
  11. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  12. Crash a wedding
  13. Have a child Get a dog
  14. Take a photography class
  15. Visit the Sea Glass Beach
  16. Start a retirement fund
  17. Pay off all debt
  18. Spend a month at the beach
  19. Renew my wedding vows in Hawaii
  20. Start painting again
  21. Close $10 million annually in real estate
  22. Read 1 book a week for a year
  23. Learn to play the piano
  24. See Niagara Falls
  25. Own a piano
  26. See Mt Rushmore
  27. Go to Sundance
  28. Ballroom dancing lessons
  29. Pay cash for our next home
  30. Tithe 10% every time
  31. Eat raw oysters
  32. Play Bingo at age 65+ in the basement of a church
  33. Own a Mercedes C63
  34. Own a piece of beach front property
  35. Buy myself a right hand ring
  36. Passport (with stamps!)
  37. Buy a piece of artwork at auction
  38. Obtain my brokers license
  39. Inspire others on a daily basis
  40. Stand up for myself
  41. Run a 10K
  42. See the Maldives
  43. Teach a class (on what, I don’t know!)
  44. Six figures in the bank
  45. Half marathon
  46. Go camping (only once)
  47. Go Fishing
  48. See the Mona Lisa (and how tiny it really is)
  49. See the running of the bulls in Spain
  50. Kentucky Derby
  51. 100 pairs of shoes
  52. Read the Bible
  53. Write a book
  54. Drive a race car
  55. Ride on a motorcycle
  56. Develop an LLC
  57. Take Mario to Hawaii
  58. Get 1 massage a month for  a year
  59. Own a house with a magnolia tree in the yard
  60. Learn to knit
  61. Get lasik eye surgery
  62. Learn to make bread pudding
  63. Eat s’mores around a camp fire
  64. Have a conversation with someone famous
  65. Eat caviar
  66. Hold a monkey
  67. Own at least 10 rental property units
  68. Volunteer once a month
  69. Give back to my community
  70. Give back to my sorority
  71. Pan for gold
  72. Go skiing
  73. Eat beignets in New Orleans
  74. Eat pizza in Italy
  75. Tip a waiter/waitress $100
  76. Attend my 10 year high school reunion (and look great)
  77. Take a mud bath
  78. Ride on a camel in the desert
  79. Dance in the rain
  80. Learn to Yodel (and do it on the top of a mountain)
  81. Nude beach
  82. Crush grapes with my feet at a winery/vineyard
  83. Start a blog
  84. Cook a Thanksgiving turkey
  85. Stay in one of those huts on the water in Fiji
  86. Greece
  87. Own a house with a keeping room
  88. Spend an entire paycheck on clothes
  89. Turn my phone off for a week
  90. South Africa
  91. Go back to Carmel
  92. Square dance with boots and a hat
  93. Give a large, anonymous contribution to a charity
  94. Buy Mario a mustang
  95. Go back to Savannah
  96. Spend a summer somewhere else
  97. Spend a winter somewhere else
  98. Buy the catalogue/book for every art exhibit I go to
  99. Write everyday for a year
  100. Zipline in Costa Rica
  101. Breakfast in bed (at least once)



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