1. That’s it. I’m not wearing makeup anymore!

    But for real, if a person tells you that you are lacking in beauty, that person has bigger problems than you. Great post, Tami!

  2. Kristy Hayes

    I was the same way about the no makeup thing for a LONG time!!!! My face would get a trace of a potential zit and I was caking on the concealer quicker than lightening! Well….about four years ago I decided that I would give this no base clogging my pores thing a shot, along with no base followed by caked on powder would be only to lightly line the botto of my eye with eye liner, put on a hint of masscara and a cute lip gloss ONLY to be natural in color. FOUR years later and I still don’t own any base. I only recently started wearing Bare Minerals which I LOVE and now cannot live without and these items ONLY get put on if I am going out and occasionaly when I go to work. Yep that’s right….this 31 year old woman that at one time WOULD NOT even go to the mail box without full makeup will now go without ANY makeup and sometimes even in her PJ’s.
    *Added bonus….I have NOT had a breakout in abotu 3 years, my skin is actually so much healthier now. So I don’t HAVE to camo anything. So for sure LESS IS BETTER:)
    You go girl!!!!

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