When in Biloxi…

Last November I spent a month at the beach. And before some of you start thinking, “What the…? Who does this girl think she is?!”, please know I worked while I was there and actually sold more real estate that month than any other month that year. Go figure. Don’t judge. I did it for me and it was fabulous.

Would I do it again? Maybe. It was pretty incredible. Giant beach house, empty beaches (which means no one was blinded by my Irish skin) and plenty of time to do things I never have time for in real life (reading, writing, arithmetic painting).

It took me 5 days of being there before I could officially relax. THAT is how tightly wound I am. After day 5, my stress melted away and I started to really enjoy myself and the entire experience. At that point it became pretty surreal. 30 days of waking up to the ocean. Incredible.

Anywho, my POINT is that it is extremely hard for me to relax while on vacation. I’m always worrying about work and remembering things that I forgot to do before leaving (“Did I remember to put flyers in the flyer box on Hickory St?” – those thoughts float through my mind and keep me awake for HOURS while on vacation. Alcohol helps… but not much).

The trip to Biloxi was too short. 2 nights when my last vacation was 29 nights is just not entirely fair. Not complaining, but I feel like I should have thought that part through a little further… hindsight.

HOWEVER, there were highlights and that’s what we’re all here for, right?


 The Biloxi Lighthouse was one of them. Built in 1848, it is 80 grated, spiraling steps of pure torture for those of us who are acrophobic. The top of it is a tiny closet of heat (additional torture for those that are claustrophobic). Below are a few shots…

Water levels from major hurricanes that hit the lighthouse

Lucky for me, you can't see how badly I'm shaking here...

We also spent time eating at some of the local spots. McElroys was my favorite. Beignets on the Bayou – delicious! If you’re ever in Biloxi, go there. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go directly to McElroys and order the beignets:

Then spend some time strolling along the water afterwards:

All in all, it was an excellent opportunity to see a new city and experience a change of scenery. Below are all pictures from the trip. And for those of you who are wondering, no I didn’t win a damn thing in the casino. However, I’m pretty sure Mississippi Stud just replaced Roulette as my favorite table game!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!