Red, White and Martini

When I moved back to Birmingham from Los Angeles, I vowed I would spend more time exploring the things that my hometown had to offer. It’s so easy to say that there is nothing to do in Birmingham and complain (ESPECIALLY if you’ve lived in L.A. – The 2 cities are slightly different). Lately, Birmingham and I have renewed our vows and we are taking our relationship to new heights!

Some of the things I love about my city are the annual celebrations that can be found around town on holidays such as Independence Day. Yes, they can be a little cheesy, but THAT’S THE POINT! You’re supposed to watch fireworks, BBQ and play Lee Greenwood over and over again until you’ve got that last note perfect and can sing it in harmony.

This year was no different. Thunder On the Mountain is the event that cheesy folk live for! My goal every year is to find a new spot to watch it. Past vista points have included having my feet hanging over the Hollywood bridge in Homewood and last year I shared a seat with a homeless man at Five Points South. Now that I live in Homewood, I’m within walking distance from several different spots that are perfect for watching the fireworks above Vulcan. This year, we decided to park the car at the end of 18th St earlier in the day to book our spot. The plan was to walk back to the car in time for fireworks and enjoy the view and some wine and cheese from the hood of a ’94 BMW 5 Series.

I thought I had done an excellent job of planning it. “Fail proof!”, I told my self. However, Mother Nature had a different set of plans in mind…

Cue pouring rain, thunder and lightning.

So, instead we had a martini party at home, made dinner, festive cookies AND I even managed to convince my ever-so patient husband that watching Sex and the City was the perfect way to celebrate the 4th (I was shocked at my persuasive powers!). Pics below…


And even though it wasn’t the cheesy red white and blue that I originally planned, I wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!