Max Time

Long Fridays should be illegal.

2 months ago I decided to start working only ½ days on Fridays. And, to be honest (because who likes a blogger that embellishes?), I’ve been fairly successful at sticking to that decision. When you are in a field like mine, your down time becomes more precious than you ever thought. I protect my “Max Time”, as I like to call it, like a prisoner guards his dinner (Which is EXACTLY the way I eat my dessert… although I’ve never been to prison and I don’t know any prisoners, but I once was about 50 lbs heavier than I am now, which may explain my very unhealthy relationship with chocolate).

When I first became a Realtor, I had no boundaries. My husband may still hold that as truth, BUT this year I set 2 resolutions for myself: #1.Eat lunch #2 Take Friday afternoons off.

You people that get normal weekends may take for granted things like grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc. I can’t clean my bathroom without having my phone ring while I’m elbow deep in a toilet bowl. Do you know how hard it is to answer the phone in a rubber glove?!

Anyway, so Friday afternoon has become a mini-weekend for me. I still answer the phone, but I go nowhere near the office. Resolution #1 is a different story. Does string cheese count as lunch?

Today’s Max Time consisted of shopping with 2/3 of my sisters and scoping out fabulous places to watch fireworks on the 4th. If you live in Birmingham, you understand what this means. If you don’t , Google it.

Biggest point of this post is to remind you to take time for yourself. We live in a very fast-paced world. One in which we flutter from one event to the next and never really stop to take a moment and just breathe. It’s ok to schedule time for just you. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or selfish for doing it. When you make yourself available 24/7, Max Time is a requirement.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!