What happens in Vegas…

When you’re a baby runner such as myself, you brag about your runs on Facebook with posts like “Just finished a run and I feel great!” mainly to make yourself feel better about being a baby runner. You run the occasional 5K and think very highly of yourself as a result. You talk a big talk… and run a big walk… until you decide to commit to the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Then reality hits and you realize exactly how teeeeeeny your wittle runs have been up until now. Not only how teeny and itty bitty they were, but how sloooow you’ve actually been running.

I started training 5 weeks ago. Yesterday I hit the 4 mile marker. And for a baby runner like me, one who has never run anything over 3 miles, 4 miles is a BIG HUGE deal.

I’d like to thank About.com for supplying training schedules and info for just about any topic imaginable. I’d also like to thank this adorable human being for making my runs a little more entertaining (like crossing the road without announcing it and stopping to use the restroom at the end of mile 2 without telling me… He’ll kill me for disclosing that, btw…):

Adorable, right?

And I’m going to go ahead and prematurely thank David Kuehls for his book, 4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon… which is about to become my Bible.

I’m pretty much still on the high from yesterday’s performance. That feeling carried me all the way through the worst day of the week (Mondays stink!)

What’s getting me through the rest of the week is the promise of a vacation next week! Onward!

  1. Congrats on the 4 miles. Last year at this time I made a commitment to run 100 miles in a month. I actually did run the 100 in May and then 125 in June. Very slowly so it was a serious time drain. I used the Nike+ and my Nano. You can get all sorts of programs including marathon training and people like Lance Armstrong come on during the run and say “good job, now let’s crank it up” all to music. Mostly I liked the charting online. I could see in a very graphic way how far I was running and how fast. Plus you can do challenges and hook up with other people who are doing the same thing. Good luck!!! Stay hydrated.

  2. Love the conclusion! “Onward!” Also, you are always full of inspiration to so many people. This will be a more organized and definitive way to do just that.

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